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Restorations in Corfu Old House - Stages

Restoration of an old house Restoration of an old house

Stages of Restoration - Old House in Corfu

Here we see an old dilapidated house that has just finished its repair.

  1. Check the inertia of the building
  2. Demolition old roof
  3. Beam to finish around the house to strengthen the bond and statistical adequacy of the building
  4. Demolition old sofas and washing the walls
  5. Place galvanized mesh to strengthen the walls and statistical adequacy of chtiriou.
  6. Construction of new roof with insulation
  7. Electrical system
  8. Plumbing Installation
  9. Coating the inside and if there are good stone surfaces remain unchanged.
  10. Mounting plates or other materials
  11. Mounting frames
  12. Painting
  13. Landscaping

Corfu Build - About Us

Our company counts nearly two decades of experience in the construction. In early 1990, the initiator and founder of Corfu Construction, Aspiotis Spiros was born in Corfu, in the village Arillas.

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Construction Process

During construction, we take photographs of each stage of development. It is our job to oversee these stages from the beginning to end.  If clients are unable to manage site visits, ...

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Building Restorations

Wherever possible, Spiros is happy to work with clients to restore and modernize old buildings, using traditional materials in the Corfiot style, so that the history and beauty of Corfu can be retained.

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